Key Services

Dangerous Marketing Ltd focuses on delivering solutions to the smaller, owner-managed business to accelerate their growth sustainably and profitably. As described on our main website, we achieve this through a variety of routes, delivering either hands on operational resource or operating as a consultant/mentor to advise and guide.  The following provides a flavour of these different approaches to suit clients’ key needs:

Interim Marketing Specialists

Our Interim Marketing Specialists work within a client’s business as their in-house Marketing Manager. Focussed on increasing sales and revenue, our interims are senior marketers who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and a great network of valuable contacts to accelerate growth sustainable and profitably.

Dangerous Marketing supplies marketing interims specifically for SMEs in the south west as we recognise that they typically cannot afford full-time, employed senior marketing support. To make this approach affordable for the smaller business, our interims work part-time (usually one or two days a week) on a retained basis and we give our clients the choice of how to pay for our services:

  • A fixed monthly fee (payments are the same through the year) that is at a reduced rate (compared to our short-term contracts) – or
  • If monthly cash-flow is the issue, we reduce the stress by deferring 50% of our fee for a year. What is unique about this approach is that it is truly ‘achievement based’ because the deferred element is paid out as a percentage of the growth generated by the interim – if the growth target is missed, the client doesn’t pay the full fee! The difference between this approach and our fixed fee retainer is the charge rate. The deferred fee is set at a higher rate, so whilst it costs less each month, the overall costs will be greater (but still very good value!).

Click here for more details on our Interim Specialist Services.

 Fixed Fee Short Term Contracts

If you just want a taster of what we can do, say for a launch event, new product development or promotional campaign, we offer Fixed Fee contracts, where we provide a fixed number of hours on a fixed hourly rate. What’s more, if the project has a specific outcome, we promise that if the activity takes longer than the originally agreed number of hours, we will complete the project without charging any extra, so you know right from the start what the budget is.

Click here for more details on our Short Term Contracts.

Leadership Development for Business Owners & Directors

Through our links with Pragmatic Performance Management, we also have access to:

enabling us to deliver training solutions targeted at the specific needs of the business owner and senior management team. For further information, visit the Leadership Strategy and Development blog we share with Pragmatic Performance Management.  Alternatively if you want to find out more in relation to your business’ specific needs, contact us here:


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