Case Study – Neal’s Yard Remedies

NealsYard_BeeLovelyNeal’s Yard Remedies have very strong values when it comes to testing and producing their organic products – they never test their products on animals, only willing human volunteers! As part of this, they support humane societies and scientific research bodies in the UK and US, as well as promoting various campaigns.

Neal’s Yard Remedies have developed a new Bee Lovely product range (everything enriched with moisturising organic honey and energising orange and mandarin essential oils) as part of their Bee Lovely and Save the Bees campaign. They have committed to donating £10,000 a year to bee lovely projects to Help Save the Bees. And to help spread the word far and wide about these fantastic grants, Neal’s Yard Remedies are working in association with Project Dirt, the UK’s most active green social network.

Click here to visit the Neal’s Yard Remedies ‘Bee Lovely’ cluster: join a hive of activity across the UK working to help save the bees! Currently they have over 50 projects listed which use the Project Dirt networks to find resources and promote their activities across the UK.


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