Introducing Project Dirt

Infographic colours All PD 2.0 1.5 28.2.14-Project Dirt is the UK’s most active network connecting and resourcing community projects.

Project_CleanUpWe know that communities and their projects can change the world. We’re using social media for a purpose:

to connectpromote and resource passionate people and their projects.

Project Dirt is a “doing” network, showcasing what’s happening in your communities. Why? So that people and projects can engage with each other, as well as the organisations looking to resource them.

Project Dirt is much more than a website – we’re a dynamic community! We’re inclusive, not exclusive. We’re improving the flow of information and resourcing, not preaching a message.

“I can thank Project Dirt for giving me the sense of a wider community of like-minded people, not just locally but also beyond. Through Project Dirt, I feel part of something progressive and vital.”

“I love PD because of how it inspires me about the great variety of ideas and energy out there. I can always find things that I can get involved in, and it’s a great resource for advertising events and groups that I’m part of as well.”

And it’s not just individuals and community projects who benefit from Project Dirt’s support – businesses do too! We encourage businesses to support their local communities and give them another means to promote and share the good work that they do as part of our Marketing ETC programme with Dangerous Marketing Ltd.


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