Top 10 Twitter Campaigns of 2012

2013Avatar_DM_Top102012 has been a memorable year for the British, so I was interested to see what had been the top campaigns on Twitter in the UK too. I’d assumed it would be linked to the Olympics/Paralympics – but I was wrong (although two out of the top 10 were linked to the Olympics).

As this article from Marketing shows, the top product campaign (based on the number of engagements, reach and impressions) was by new 4G operator EE. It was voted as the best promoted product campaign for the approach it used to reach the widest audience on Twitter. Not only did EE use Promoted Trends and Tweets (paid for) and targeting based on location and interests, it also integrated the Twitter activity into its overall advertising campaign by including hashtags and @ handles in all its other media channels.

Your business may not have the multi-million £ budget of EE, but the principles remain the same – know your audience and relate your promotional activity directly to them. So if you need any marketing ideas, click on any of Top 10 list below to see what they are doing on Twitter and learn from the best!

  1. @EE – brand launch campaign in October
  2. @StarbucksUK – #FreeStarbucks campaign in March
  3. @Puma – Usain Bolt’s 100 metre final campaign in August
  4. @DairyMilk – sample give away for puzzle solvers in September
  5. @EASportsFifa – promoting the launch of Fifa13 game in September
  6. @EnterTheCabinUK – film launch of ‘Cabin in the Woods’ in April (temporary account set up just for the launch)
  7. @CokeZone – #freecocacola trend in September
  8. @AdidasUK – Olympics closing ceremony campaign in August
  9. @NowTV – Sky’s launch campaign for its new channel in August
  10. @AssembleLive – film launch of Disney Pictures’ ‘The Avengers’ in April

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