Twitter & Blogging Newbies Needed!

In my work as a Marketer and Social Media specialist, I present a lot of “Introduction to Social Media” workshops and write articles on how businesses can use social media (such as Is Twitter right for your business or Using Psychology to attract attention on Twitter). I have noticed the requests for help are getting more frequent as more business owners/ directors understand the benefits of social media, but have yet to take the first step. So I’ve developed a new service that not only trains people to use social media effectively for their business, it gets them established and interacting with their potential customers quickly! It takes away the ‘frustration stage’ when new users try to get to grips with the practicalities and etiquette of social media.

This service needs to be market tested before releasing it fully onto the market, so I am looking for Twitter and Blogging newbies to test two aspects of the service. This phase isn’t free of charge to use but the costs have been reduced to only £100 a month for each aspect (which you can use separately or together). And as a Thank You for participating, if you want to continue using the service after the test phase, we’ll keep the costs at the same rate (a big discount on what will be the final service cost!).

So what’s involved?

  • Service 1 will get you and your business up and running on Twitter.
  • Service 2 will give your business a blog with articles appearing regularly.

Contact me for the specific details of each service. I am looking for small business (from one-man/woman-bands to 50 employees) based in the south west of England. The services are available on a “first come, first served” basis as there are only a limited number of slots available for the testing phase. There is no minimum time requirement – you can stop at any time – although I recommend a minimum of 3 months (ideally 6 months) to give your business a solid presence on social media.

So if you want to take advantage of a very cost-effective way to get your business established on Twitter with a professionally written blog, contact me now!


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