What would you pay to employ a Marketer?

Eighteen months ago, we did some research on what local business expectations of marketers’ salaries were, so we thought we’d get an update for 2012. Interestingly, the salary levels according to the data have not changed – and neither have the beliefs of business owners! There is still a very large gap between average ACTUAL salaries and what smaller businesses can afford to pay a marketer – expectations of £25,000 to £30,000 will still not be enough to attract a senior marketing manager. And this does not take into account the additional costs to the business of NI, pension, holiday and sick pay.

This is why we work with small businesses to provide interim marketing managers on a part-time basis as we only charge for the actual hours they do. Plus the fact that our interims are very experienced marketers (often marketing directors with up to date networks and contacts) that what they can achieve in one day a week compares very favourably with what an employed junior marketer (at the equivalent cost) could do.

Check out our Key Services page to find out more.


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