Benefits of Using an Interim in 2012?

I have been reading the latest report produced by Executives On-Line (EOL) about the current state of the market for interim managers and executives in the UK. They surveyed 936 interim managers and 123 businesses who use interims and whilst the results generally reflected the negative impact of the global economy on business, there were some interesting (and positive!) outcomes too.

As today is International Women’s Day it was good to see that in the field of interim management, there is no longer a pay gap between the genders and as women make up 15% of the interim work-force, we are better represented than those in employed executive roles. Personally I have never found my gender an issue as a consultant and interim manager – if anything, it has often been an advantage as I am known for being very direct in my feedback to business owners, but my female charm tends to sugar-coat the bluntness of my message! I have had quite a few (male) business owners reflect that they may have reacted differently if what I had said to them was delivered by a man, whereas typically my female clients simply like the fact that I get to the point quickly!

So what are the benefits of using an Interim Manager in today’s market? According to EOL’s report the key qualities that businesses currently using interims value are:

  • being results focussed
  • having the appropriate skills (good match up to what is needed)
  • able to get staff on side quickly
  • independence
  • outspokenness, and most importantly
  • the ability to think strategically whilst also being able to implement suggestions and actions.

Dangerous Marketing’s interims have all these values! Plus we focus on working with smaller businesses so understand you do not need us on a full time basis, but need to draw out the knowledge and expertise we can supply quickly! So if you are looking to accelerate your business’ growth or have a specific issue you want to address, contact us for a free consultation.


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