Hey Dangerous Marketing – where’ve you been hiding?

When I set up this blog, I made a promise to my audience that I would publish an article regularly on a fortnightly basis….. and you might have noticed that a bigger gap than two weeks has appeared! Well even if you hadn’t been paying attention, a fellow Tweeter friend of mine certainly had! “Hey Dangerous Marketing, where’ve you been hiding? Seen you lots on Twitter but since you got me hooked into your articles, I’m waiting for the next one. You haven’t done anything since the start of October – c’mon, get your finger out!”.

Yes, I had fallen foul of the classic marketing mistake: spent the time and effort to encourage customers (readers) only to forget about them once they’ve been hooked. An all too familiar experience for some of us who are mobile phone customers or who want to change our mortgage interest rates with the bank!  But please believe me, this was not what I’d intended but I understand how it could be perceived.

But I have a good excuse! The reason for the temporary absence of blog articles is that in addition to the written word here on Word Press, Dangerous Marketing has been setting up its own You Tube Channel.

You will have probably noticed our first video which introduced our Interim Deferred Fee Offer (as referred to in our previous blog piece) but we now have the first 2 in a series that takes a light-hearted look at how understanding psychology can make a big difference to your marketing success rate!

Over the next few months, we will be uploading more presentations from our library for you to view, use and enjoy! In the meantime, normal blogging service will be resumed shortly – I promise!!


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