Interim Marketing Specialists’ Launch Offer

At Dangerous Marketing we are very excited about the launch offer for our Interim Marketing Specialists for businesses in the south west!

As well as providing marketing consultants for short term projects, Dangerous Marketing also supplies highly experienced marketers on an Interim basis, where they work within a client’s business for an agreed time each week. Typically Interims bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts, working to a fixed budget, being paid only for the time they actually work.

In an earlier blog, we shared the results of our survey on the value of marketers, including business owners’ frustrations at not being able to capitalise on struggling competitors and their surprise at the rate marketing employee salaries had increased.

We know from feedback how our Interims have successfully fast-tracked clients’ growth and confident of repeating this in the future, we have launched a special offer to supply our Interim Marketing Specialists at a fee rate that is affordable to SME’s with limited cash-flow.

Dangerous Marketing will DEFER 50% OF THE INTERIM’S FEE (reclaiming it as a percentage of the future increased revenue/turnover attributable to our interim’s efforts!).

This means we allow for a level of organic growth (ie the expected growth likely to be achieved by the business without external intervention) before setting a target for the Interim to achieve above it. In this way, we minimise risk to the SME because the deferred amount is only taken from this additional increase.

What’s more, if our interim doesn’t achieve the targeted results to get the full fee, they only get paid the percentage of the actual fee so missed targets mean less money for the interim! And to minimise risk to the client even further, if our Interim exceeds the growth target, the fee remains capped at its original figure, so the business can re-invest or spend the additional revenue as it pleases!

Deferring the Interim’s fee in this way means a business can utilise a highly experienced, director level marketer (with a host of useful contacts!) who could command a full time salary of more than £70,000 for the ACTUAL monthly cost of a junior marketing employee, with the extra benefit of not having to pay their NI, pension contributions, holiday or sick pay!

To provide you with more detail on how this offer works, I have put together a short presentation on You Tube VIDEO LINK. Alternatively contact me via Twitter or our website to arrange a free-of-charge discussion on how this offer would work specifically in your business.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available to businesses based in the United Kingdom.


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