We want your opinion on the value of Marketers!

As the debate continues on whether we have truly come out of the recession or risk a double-dip, the conversations I have been having with companies in the south west during the summer highlight just how tough business owners believe the situation to be.  And the more of these type of discussions I have had, the more I’ve noticed a trend…

Those businesses that have survived the recession have undertaken, or are in the process of completing strategic reviews and know exactly what they need to do to re-accelerate their business growth. BUT having pared everything back to the bone, they are finding that they simply do not have the resources to kick-start a meaningful and – more importantly, a sustainable – recovery. This is leading to business owners getting frustrated because they have identified the right course to get back into profit making mode but cannot exploit an open market whilst their competitors are in the same predicament.

So Dangerous Marketing has decided to put its money where its mouth is – and solve this problem by launching a new service.

And this is where you come in!

In preparation for the launch of our service (which is outlined below and a full presentation will appear in our next blog), we would like to have the opinions of business owners on the value of using an external marketing resource to grow their business. We have designed a very brief survey that will only take a couple of minutes to complete (it only has 6 questions in total, 4 of which only require a simple tick to answer!) which we have put on SurveyMonkey.com. Your answers will be completely anonymous so feel free to be completely frank and honest in your opinion.

The survey concentrates on what business owners would expect from an external interim marketing manager because this is the new service to be offered through Dangerous Marketing. We will be supplying highly experienced marketing interims to work within south west based businesses as a hands-on resource to get the job done. Nothing novel in this, you might think – and you’d be right.

What is new is how the business will pay for this resource!

Dangerous Marketing is putting its money where its mouth is by deferring HALF of the interim’s fee to be paid ONLY on achievement of agreed targeted results. We believe in our interim’s ability to accelerate growth so our launch offer is that we will work on a Payment by Results contract, enabling us to reduce the monthly invoice cost by 50% to ease the client’s cash flow with the aim of being paid the remaining 50% from the increased revenue that the interim’s skills should generate.

In other words, if our interim specialists don’t increase the business revenue/income over the project time scale, they won’t get paid the full fee! What’s more, if our interim enables the client to exceed their growth target, the deferred fee is capped at its original maximum figure, so the business can use the extra (bonus) revenue for reinvestment.

I will be putting up a presentation in my next blog which will explain in greater detail how the service is delivered, what it costs and how we see the deferred payment approach working etc. Of course if you want to know more now, you can contact me via Twitter or the Enquiry Page on our website.

In the meantime, we would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to help us with this research – your opinion is very much appreciated! Click here to take our survey

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