Use Specialist Marketers to grow your business more quickly

As you may know, the Pragmatic Performance Group is a business acceleration consultancy with a very active Marketing Director who shares her ideas and thoughts on the value of marketing and marketers via our Dangerous Marketing blog. So we were very pleased to read The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Ray Jones, Head of Communications and External Affairs latest comments on the marketing industry being the fastest growing sector for employment in March.  Figures published recently by the Monster Employment Index showed that demand for jobs in marketing, media and PR grew by 6% on February and was up 12% against the 2009 figures.

Ray Jones noted that “In both small and large businesses the key role that marketing plays in terms of stimulating growth is fully recognised these days. It’s clear that qualified marketers can help hasten that process by carefully segmenting the market, ensuring good value on marketing spend and generally helping businesses achieve the long-term sustainable growth that they are looking for.”

PPG has been enabling SMEs in Devon & Cornwall to accelerate their business growth using our specialist marketing resources at strategic and operational levels since 2003. If you would like to know more about what our marketing specialists can do for your business, contact us to arrange a free-of-charge introductory discussion.


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