#BeMyGuest Blog by Janelle Hardacre

Our guest blog this week as part of #BeMyGuest month is Your Digital Footprint – 5 Tips to Remember by Janelle Hardacre who’s in her final year at Newcastle University. She has a very interesting blog called “Great Expectations – Musings of a Budding PR Guru”. From what we’ve seen so far, she’s certainly on the right track! Enjoy!

Click on the blog title above to go straight to her article or click on the Blogroll above to see all of our Be My Guest blogs.


3 thoughts on “#BeMyGuest Blog by Janelle Hardacre

  1. Good start, but digital footprint is much more than your tweets, blogs, facebook, pictures and clicks. It is also about who you influence and who influences you, you location, your attention, who you do stuff with. outputs of a digital footprint are more than SEO optimisation and finding a job, it is your digital reputation.

    Tony – http://www.mydigitalfootprint.com

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