#BeMyGuest Blog by Robert Pickstone

As part of #BeMyGuest month, we’re very pleased to have Robert do a follow up – Is it wrong for others to write your company blog? Part 2to his original piece that caused a lot of on-line debate (including my first ever comments on a public forum!).

Click on the blog title above to go straight to his article or click on the Blogroll above to see all of our Be My Guest blogs.


4 thoughts on “#BeMyGuest Blog by Robert Pickstone

  1. Interesting article, Robert and thank you for guesting. I think your three points demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence with regard to blog writing – being brave enough to welcome debate and disagreement – and not being afraid to change your point of view depending on the feedback. This is exactly what blogs should be about! We learn far more by examining and dissecting something rather than simply taking information at face-value. People quickly see through someone who is bland and wants to be all things to all people – something our politicians should note!! Long live opinionated debate!

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