Bringing Outer Space even closer to home – launch yourself!

As a follow up to my piece last week “The wonder of social media – bringing outer space into your home!”, I have discovered you can now acquire the means to get there yourself!  I’m amazed to discover that you can actually buy your own space shuttle – at a bargain price too!

According to the New_Scientist,  NASA is selling off three space shuttles after the International Space Station is built (which is what I was watching c/o NASA TV) – and have had to reduce the price from $42m to $28.8m according to The New York Times . Mind you, you will have to get your offer in quick as only 2 remain, one having been offered to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Alternatively, the New Scientist continues, you could bag a shuttle main engine instead – for free!  Only proviso is that the buyer has to pay for the postage and packaging!  Still, it would be one-up on the neighbours to have a space shuttle in your garden, wouldn’t it!

Sue Windley

Dangerous_Marketing – a division of the business acceleration specialists Pragmatic_Performance_Group.


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